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Nov 25, 2020

In this episode we learn how to ditch the comparison game, show up as your authentic self on Instagram and connect with your ideal client. It’s all about how you show up not how much content you produce or followers you have. Carolyn Stine, an Instagram Coach and Content Strategist, explains how to channel the right mindset for a successful business or podcast.

What we learn:

2:44 How to be authentic on Instagram 

3:57 Have the right mindset to follow through with your strategy

5:39 Being niche to speak to your audience 

7:50 Finding your ideal client

8:41 How to combat the comparison game: Less what more how 

12:40 All about the journey

15:16 People connect with people

16:46 Finding your mission 

18:45 How you show up 

19:10 Have a diversity of mediums...with boundaries 

23:33 Women showing up as themselves

27:24 Holding a masterclass as a way to share your personal style

28:46 How to host a masterclass for free

30:41 Give it your all, no matter the size of the audience 

31:25 It’s not about the masses

36:41 On the imposter syndrome, self-doubt, relatability and mindset work

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Production:  Bright Sighted

Host: Christine O'Donnell

Guest: Carolyn Stine

Editor: Laura Veloso

Assistant Producer: Heather Chiles